About NetCrit

The aim of NetCrit is to produce articles which are readily and easily digestible by the general population on topics of culture and academics. Each article presumes a well intentioned reader who, despite not knowing relevant scholarship on a topic, nevertheless wishes to participate in the conversation.

The Format of the Articles

Each article on Netcrit begins with a quote from a primary source. The aim of each article is to provide insight, context, and sometimes even an interpretation of a quote for the benefit of the reader. It is hoped, however, that every reader will engage in the conversation, first by reading the quote (and hopefully the cited text) and then by forming their own intelligent and thought-through opinion about the primary source and its author. We then hope and encourage each reader to comment on the article and to create a lively discussion about the text, its implications, and how it ought to be understood.


Netcrit will publish articles on most any academic or cultural subject. However, getting authors for every subject is challenging.

If you you would like to write for NeCrit on one more subject please get in contact. We understand that authors may have varying perspectives or opinions on each subject or topic, but we expect all of our writers to maintain integrity in their writing summarized best by the old Scholastic motto: never deny, rarely affirm, always distinguish.

Comments and Conversations

We encourage comments on Netcrit, especially those which dissent from the opinion of the article. Keep in mind, however, that comments should remain on the topic of the primary source cited, and, if possible, upon the citation from that text. We do very much encourage the contribution of scholarly resources and bibliographies which aid all who read when they investigate the topic at hand. Comments which do not contribute to the discussion, whether because they are conflagratory or simply off-topic, may be deleted.

Links to Amazon

Each article provides a citation and a referral link to the work cited. Netcrit receives a small portion of each purchase you make on Amazon whenever you click on the link. The monies gained from referrals are used to compensate our writers, often in the form of other books for them to read and to analyze.